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I love to create contemporary art in digital media. Fractals, geometric forms, abstract elements & the use of a bold colour
palette are prominently featured in my works.  Creating in digital media since 2003,  I am currently exploring the realm of
alternative digital printmaking.

By reflecting on the past, connecting with the present and envisioning the future, I am able to fulfill an ongoing creative need and artistic desire.  Most of my self-expressions have traveled a long path before being brought to life visually. Each one
represents a significant marker in time & space and is part of this thrilling creative journey I am following. I have taken many detours along the way, but always remaining passionately curious, and forever seeking inspiration from internal as well as
external stimuli.

Just as an artists statement is considered a “living document”, (continually subject to change) . . . so too is my art.
It temporarily lives in the form of pixels and binary code embedded in my computer, and is subject to boundless artistic
nuances, before finally deciding to manifest the original work of art outside of its matrix. The only thing constant is change.

I embrace digital technology and love the free-spirited feeling derived when creating abstractly. I look forward to continually
growing as an artist & leaving my marks along the way.

“As an artist, I am able to float in gentle waters of my mind, as well as express the turbulence of the storms of life.
Each of my senses connects to a lifelong journey of memories and relationships. These are the markers which I reflect
and draw upon. ”

Solo* & Juried Exhibitions
2017 – Local Colour Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON – Geometrics & Abstractions *
2016 – Local Colour Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON – selection of framed works *
2009 – The Last Taboo – curated by Moses Znaimer, in partnership with the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts,
Toronto, Ontario
2009 – EuroNanoForum 2009- [NanoArt Exhibition] Prague, Czech Republic
2008 – NanoArt Intl Competition
2007 – Chapter’s Bookstore, Thunder Bay, ON – Digitally Wired in a Wireless World *
2007 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – “Change”
2007 – Internationale d’art Miniature Juried Exhibition, Levis, Quebec
2007 – Kotka Photographic Centre, Finland
2007 – NanoArt Intl Competition
2006 – Duluth Art Institute – Duluth, MN, USA – Arrowhead Biennial Exhibition
2006 – MOCA Museum of Computer Art
2006 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – “Contact”
2005 – Innographx PhotoArt Competition
2005 – MOCA Museum of Computer Art
2004 – Celebration Exposition for the Arts
2004 – Thundering Women’s Festival
2004 – MOCA Museum of Computer Art

Group Exhibitions
2011 – Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art – An Exchange with Sol LeWitt curated by Regine Basha
2009 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – Digital Playground -2 person exhibition with Duncan Weller
2008 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – Members Exhibition
2008 – Cancer Connections Project – Photosensitive – Canada
2008 – Digital Show III Exhibition – Futuresonic 2008. Manchester, UK
2008 – Naestved International Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints, Naestved, Denmark
2007 – Art Zoom, Thunder Bay, ON
2007 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – Urban Photography
2007 – Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON – City at Night: “A Tribute to Brian Kipping”
2007 – Harbour Arts Festival, Thunder Bay, ON
2007 – Lot 66 – Mixed Nuts Exhibition
2007 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery -Members Exhibition
2007 – Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan, ON – Yours, Mine & Ours
2007 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery -urban infill
2007 – Thunder Bay Historical Museum – Heavy Metal
2006 – Definitely Superior Art Gallery – Nightmares
2006 – Thunder Bay Historical Museum – Digital iCandy
2006 – Folklore Festival – DFASTB
2005 – Chapter’s Book Store – Digital Day
2005 – Shelter House -24 HR Corporate Relay-DFASTB
2005 – Thunder Bay Art Gallery – Art for All

Grants & Awards
I gratefully acknowledge support from the Ontario Arts Council for the following Exhibition Assistance Grants:
2009 – The Last Taboo Exhibition
2009 – Digital Playground
2007 – Digitally Wired in a Wireless World
2007 – Heavy Metal: The Welding of Art & History
2006 – Digital iCandy Exhibition

2006 – Honourable Mention – Duluth Art Institute – Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A.
– “2006 Arrowhead Biennial Exhibition”