Bozzettos XVIII

This is a celery flower. . . You know when you cut off the end bit, why waste it, make it into art!

Bit & Byte

Well, things are slowly coming along with organizing stuff to be able to create again. It’s not that I haven’t made any art lately, I have, but mostly just bozzettos (little sketches). They’ve allowed me to get it out, so to speak. But now that I have set up this website, and organized an Instagram page, I feel that I can move forward and look into working on a few series that I had put on the back burner and perhaps some exhibition opportunities as well. I’ll continue to post some more bozzettos on this blog for now. And hopefully new stuff will roll out in the very near future. Enjoy the warmth of the summer sun and the nice long evenings!

Bozzetto II

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Bozzetto III

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“Looking through the eyes and minds of the younger generation reminds us, that life doesn’t always require to be so serious all the time. Smile and live a little or even live a lot.”
Dee Waldeck


Although I started to experiment with digital art in 2001, it was not until 2003 that I actually saved a work. And this is it: Purple Heart #03008

Indigiflora Series

Indigiflora: on the wild side of Lake Superior. A series of 28 abstractly painted flora that are indigenous to Northwestern Ontario, specifically near Lake Superior. (Special thanks to the Claude Garton Herbarium, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.) (Please click on thumbnail to view larger image)

A Bit

2007 – Field of Memories (UV Ink on Brushed Aluminum – 2ft. X 4ft.) Heavy Metal: The Welding of Art and History, Thunder Bay Historical Museum, Thunder Bay, Ontario
canadian artist carol cooper


A Bit

the mousa in unity as one did appear Whispering words in my nose, dancing behind my eyes gently, persistently, repeatedly, soothingly strands of purple, yellow and blue braided the maypole paint us each, restore the will soulful palette my muse –  c.cooper